“crappy first draft”

I’m not sure if this post should be short or long, a personal intro to my life, a bloggy mission statement, a manifesto for the future or a simple outline of what I hope to publish.

Regardless, I just clicked the “New Post” button and am publishing a post today. I’ve followed the advice and tried not to worry about how the blog looks. I didn’t have to worry about naming the blog as it is about me.

Why do this?

  • An online repository for my research activities beyond my iCloud account and the recruitment systems of various universities.
  • A place to help focus my own ideas about my research.
  • Somewhere to share photos from the places I get to travel to as part of my job.
  • Dip a toe into the world of writing outside of scientific peer-reviewed journals.

If this blog has any views throughout the next year, except my friends and family, then I will consider it an accomplishment.